Bulkom International Short Movie Competition (KOMISION) is a competition held by the Communication Studies Program of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Yogyakarta State University with the aim of facilitating the general public in expressing their ideas as well as creativity in the form of audiovisual film, especially short movies.

The theme “Interdependence of Humanity” was chosen to represent the interdependence between humans and humanity, in which each of them equally impacts and is affected by one another.


Wahyu Agung Prasetyo

“Tilik” Short Movie Director & Ravacana Films Founder

Dyna Herlina Suwarto, SE., M.Sc

A Lecturer of Communication Science Program Yogyakarta State University, Founder of Rumah Sinema, JAFF, and KAFEIN

Drs. Alexandri Luthfi R, M.S

A Lecturer of Film and Television Program, ISI Yogyakarta


  • Open Registration : 5 Agustus 2022
  • Close Registration : 7 Oktober 2022
  • Proses Kurasi : 8 Oktober 2022 – 8 November 2022
  • Pameran PRASASTI : 16 – 20 November 2022
  • Awarding Night : 26 November 2022


  • Total prize money 1000$ USD
  • International standard e-certificate
  • Plaques and E-certificates for the best nominees
  • Relations between international filmmakers
  • Valuable experience

Terms & Condition


  1. Short movie is made according to the theme provided by the committee.
  2. Participants are required to use their own original projects and are allowed to use projects that have been previously contested, maximum 2 years from the production period, with the conditions the projects are never won in the competition both nationally or internationally.
  3. Open for all of students, colleges, and the general public both nationally and internationally.
  4. Free registration fee for all participants.
  5. Each university or instutitions is allowed to submit more than one project.
  6. Each team is required to fill out and send the submission form.


  1. The theme is “Interdependence of Humanity”
  2. The duration of the short movie is maximum of 20 minutes including the opening and video credits.
  3. Short Movie that are made do not contain pornography, are not against the law and do not compare or demean a certain institution.
  4. The category of short movie that is contested in the form of fiction.
  5. Short Movie is prohibited from using footage and background music that infringes copyright.
  6. HD video quality and minimum resolution video is 1080p and the rasio 16:9.
  7. The video format is .mp4
  8. Short movie must attach a synopsis, poster and also video trailer.
  9. Short movie must contain English subtitles.
  10. If someday there is a copyright infringement, the committee is not responsible for this action, the committee assumed that all the videos that are submitted are the original project of the participants.
  11. The committee has the right to publish the project of the 3 main winners.
  12. There are 3 nominations of the main winners that receive cash money + award, and 7 best categories thatreceive E-sertificate + placard, those are: 
  • Best Director
  • Best Actor.
  • Best Actress.
  • Best Artistic Stylist.
  • Best Scenario.
  • Best cinematography.
  • Best Editor

Collection Requirements

  1. Project submission of international short movie competitions via the following link: https://bit.ly/KOMISION2022
  2. The submission of project is made into 1 folder in each google drive, and the link of google drive attached via the following link in project submission.
  3. The submission of projects includes video synopsis, video poster, video trailer, and short movie video with the name format :
  • Poster file format : “Poster_Title Short Movie”

Example : “Poster_We Are Social Creatures”

  • Trailer file format : “Trailer_Title of Short Movie”

Example : “Trailer_We Are Social Creatures”

  • Folder format: “Team Name_Instutitions”

Example : “Blue Bird_Hogwart University”

  • Short movie file format : “Short Movie_Title of Short Movie”

Example : “Short Movie_We Are Social Creatures”

  • Synopsis file format : “Synopsis_ Title of Short Movie”

Example : “Synopsis_We Are Social Creatures”

Assesment Criteria

  1. Theme suitability.
  2. Techniques of taking pictures, sound, and background music.
  3. Suitable of synopsis with the project visualization along with the content messages.
  4. Video editing techniques.
  5. Compatibility with the terms of project.